Episode #9 – May 2021

Tim Box on Working Without Trance

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Tim is a Remedial Hypnotist and Mind Coach specialising in helping clients get control of their anxiety response. He has run a full time therapeutic practice in the UK for more than 10 years and is the creator of The CONTROL System, a way of utilising an hypnotherapeutic approach without incorporating any formal trance process. He trains his method internationally and now has CONTROL Practitioners in the UK, US, Europe, and Australasia. In 2017 he released his first book: Clear Your Head: How to enjoy life without anxiety getting in the way which went on to become an Amazon best seller. In 2019 he gave a TED talk entitled ‘How to stop feeling anxious about anxiety’ which has now had over three quarters of a million views.

Connect with Tim Box

  • Website: thecontrolsystem.co.uk
  • YouTube: Tim Box – Mind Coach
  • Instagram: @timboxmindcoach

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