Episode #5 – January 2021

Caryn Bird on Working with Athletes

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International Coach & Speaker to 15+ Countries | Over 5,000 Clients

Since Caryn was young, she aspired to work in mental health and inspire others to live their best, authentic selves.

On her way to becoming an international speaker and trainer, Caryn earned a Psychology degree and founded Win With Hypnosis, where she has worked with over 5,000 athletes and high performers.

Caryn is known as the ‘Game Changer Trainer’, for her ability to produce high performers with a mental edge. Now, through her Attitude of Champion certification program, Caryn empowers therapists to become game-changing Performance Mindset Trainers and is known as the leading mindset expert for athletes and high performers in the Tri-State area.

Featured on newscasts, podcasts, and on world stages, Caryn stands for authenticity, integrity, and joy. She holds a vision for her colleagues and trainees as powerful and unstoppable – capable of creating thriving businesses and having the abundant lives they’ve always dreamed of.

She loves traveling abroad, teaching entrepreneurs in her field to be successful, helping athletes find the champion within, inspiring others to love life, and cherishes spending time with her family.

Caryn recently lost her eldest son to a motorcycle accident which reminds her to be grateful for every day she is alive to make a difference in the lives of others.

Connect with Caryn Bird

Attitude of a Champion Online Coaching and Mentoring is a 4 month (16 week) course and business coaching package that will teach you all the tools and techniques to become a skilled Performance Mindset Coach/Sports Hypnotist.

Watch for the webinar coming soon and the course to launch in Spring of 2021.

Simple Questions Round with Caryn