Episode #6 – February 2021

Nicole Wackernagel on being confident as a hypnotist.

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Nicole Wackernagel is a full time hypnotherapist and a certified IMDHA, IACT Instructor from Switzerland and the director of the Swiss Hypnosis Institute. She has a higher degree in a medical profession. Because of her medical background Nicole is specialized in pain management and medical hypnosis, and she is teaching internationally doctors, dentists and nurses in those areas.

For a few years she was working on pulmonary function in the hospital and saw there live what happens if somebody has lung problems and the problems of smoking. That is the reason, why Nicole one of Nicole’s passion are nonsmoker sessions.

Instant and rapid inductions are something that Nicole likes to us as a keynote and corporate speaker and stage hypnotist internationally. She is known from one of the biggest TV (PRO7) station in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and was speaking in different radio stations internationally.

But Nicole was not always that confident in using hypnosis. She was struggling like many new hypnotist being confident in using hypnosis or instant and rapid inductions. During the last 10 years she was realizing what are the difficulties and the “must” for getting confident.

Today Nicole is supporting, teaching and helping other hypnotists how to get confident in different techniques and tool – a lot of humor, fun and laughing included.

Simple Questions Round with Nicole