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The Art of Simple Hypnosis

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An interactive book packed with links (QR codes) to many extras and videos to give the reader the best possible experience.

This book gives you an insight into how Rob De Groof thinks about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Not only is the therapeutic aspect covered, but also the organization and marketing of a hypnosis business. Tips and tricks to make your life as a hypnotherapist as easy as possible. Advice on how to provide more value to your clients without having to do a lot of extra work yourself and thus ensure that the overall experience is improved.


Get the help you need to be a powerful and successful hypnotherapist!


Rob shares knowledge and insights from his years of experience as a hypnotist and business leader with the goal of

making everything easier, simpler, yet more efficient: The Art of Simple Hypnosis. 

“I know this book will hold great appeal to both newly trained and seasoned professionals alike, and it will give you new aspects to consider and implement in your own hypnosis practice.

In it, Rob helps you, the hypnotist, to create the same success he has enjoyed. He shares what works, for both your clients and your business.

Learn from Rob, make his methods your own, and let him help you to become the best hypnotist you can be.”


From the foreword by Sheila Granger (UK)