Project Description

Learn how to use mental effects with a hypnotic twist to promote your therapy business or to entertain your friends, clients or family.

  • Basic mentalism skills
  • Adapted and improved for hypnotherapists
  • SLEEP! mentalism tool created by ROB included
  • Gimmicks and package tricks included

Training Information

         Meet the world of mentalism during this fascinating workshop.

         Learn the basic skills and all the in and outs of this particular branch of magic.

What will you learn ?

  • Mind Reading
  • Predictions
  • Metal Bending
  • ESP  
  • Presentation, different approaches
  • Wich gimmicks are used often  
  • Special Techniques
  • How to combine mentalism and hypnosis

Who for  ?

  • Every hypnotherapist who wants to show something special
  • Hypnotists who wants to use a mental effect as a gateway to hypnosis
  • Everybody who loves entertainment
  • Everybody who wants to create a “wow” on a party
  • Everybody who loves “The Mentalist”
  • Every fan of Derren Brown, Keith Barry, Luke Jermay and others…