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Rob De Groof CHT

Are you looking for a powerful hypnosis session?

Do you finally want to get rid of a problem or an issue?

Did you make the conscious decision to move on with your life and reach your goals?

For many years I have helped people in my HypnosisCentre in Belgium. Nowadays most of the time I teach hypnosis at my school in Belgium, travel the world to talk and teach abroad and manage the HypnosisCentre (7 therapists in 3 different cities in Belgium).

For that reason, I am only available for online sessions.

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What for ?

Hypnosis solves the conflict between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. So, for example, you really want to hop on a plane and fly with your family to that dream destination… but only thinking of flying already gives you the creeps. So there is a massive conflict.

Whatever you want to change in your life… hypnosis will help.

Some common issues that have been addressed to us in the past:

stress, phobia, anxiety, bad habits, addictions, self-esteem, self-confidence, sexual problems, pain issues, sports, insomnia, allergies, PTSD, anorexia, binge eating, bulimia, burn out, blushing, concentration, depression, diabetes 2, performance anxiety, nail-biting, grief, public speaking, stuttering, grinding teeth, let go of the past, anger control, sweating…

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Stop Smoking

With a 95% success rate after one session, I have already helped hundreds of smokers to become happy non-smokers for the rest of their lives.

That is why I offer you a lifetime guarantee. The moment you need me, whether it is because you start to crave a cigarette or you have started smoking again, you can book a complimentary session… as many times as you need.

Become healthier, save money and live longer without any

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Virtual Gastric Band

The most successful weight-loss programme in the world: the Virtual Gastric Band.

As you are not on a diet, as you are allowed to eat whatever you want, as we change your eating habit on a subconscious level… you will be able to reach your healthy weight easily and without any cravings or feelings of missing out or being different than the rest.

The programme consists of 4 sessions and a hypnosis recording.

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