Out of the Blue Hypnosis

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Two-Day Training

Out of the Blue Hypnosis

Learn how to hypnotize anyone, anywhere, under any circumstances from one of Europe’s best hypnotists.

Training Information

You will learn everything you need to hypnotize anywhere you want either as a professional, as an entertainer or  to use it as a tool to promote your practice.

People will be fascinated watching you having your volunteers do whatever you want.

In this out of the blue Hypnosis workshop you’ll learn all the ins and outs of impromptu hypnosis.

What will you learn?

  • How to hypnotize anybody really fast.
  • How to introduce yourself and your skills (in the street, at a fair, a mall,a party …)
  • How to approach people and have them cooperate.
  • What to do if there is non or low interest and you want to deliver what you’re paid for.
  • What inductions to use.
  • How to make sure the hypnosis is intense enough so your volunteer won’t be distracted by surrounding noises and other elements
  • What skits to use best, what complimentary items
  • How to combine magic and mentalism with hypnosis
  • Safety

Who for?

  • Everybody who likes hypnosis and entertainment
  • Everybody who wants to start a career as a street hypnotist
  • Everybody who wants to show hypnosis and have it experienced anywhere
  • Everybody who wants to give a demo hypnosis at a partyTherapists wanting extra tools to convince people quickly and efficiently
  • Entertainers who want to add something extra to their acts
  • You need to have had a basic training in hypnosis to sign up for this course

Confidence will grow

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