Jeffrey Stephens Protocol

Certification Training

Two-Day Training

Jeffrey Stephens Protocol

Jeffrey’s exclusive ten step process for creating rapid, positive change in as little as 20 minutes or less.

A tested, proven and easy-to-learn system

Jeff’s Incredible Proprietary 10-Step Hypnosis Method.

Jeff’s Special Hypnosis Nuances, Techniques and Approaches.

Jeff’s Hypnotic Installations For Confidence, Learning and More.

Jeff’s Approach To Creating Lasting Positive Change In Others.

Personalized Hypnosis Instruction, Guidance and Assistance.  

Whay you will learn

Topic: Theory

Topic: Utilization

Why we use direct hypnosis

How to get the fastest results

What is necessary to induce hypnosis

Just how easy it really is to use almost anywhere

How the conscious and subconscious minds interact

What to do when you have them in hypnosis

Making it a fantastic experience for the subject  

How to get hypnotic phenomena  

Let them feeling amazingly satisfied 

How to bring them out safely

Topic: Inductions

Topic: Change Work (Therapy)

How to induce hypnosis

Hands-on inductions in class  

How to intensify the state quickly and easily  

Utilization to intensify the state 

The Golden Box for all issues

Smoking (in depth)

Weight loss (in depth)

Insomnia (in depth)

And much more…

Easy To Learn Protocol

Hands On Training

Online School Access

Here are just a few things that make this training stand out

The system is tested, proven and easy-to-learn.

Every one of the students that attended this workshop will be hypnotizing people within the first hour — several times with the first few hours.

Attend The Training, Learn And Have Fun; you can do the same. 

The system is packed with steps and instructions, not theory and filler.

No endless lectures or boring history lessons. 

Just the actual steps, words and commands that will get the results you want.  

Learn from a seasoned practitioner, not just a student or teacher.

Some teachers have never practiced. Some practitioners can’t teach. 

Rob De Groof gives you the best of both worlds… he’s a real world practitioner who teaches what he breathes.  

You’ll believe you can do it and you will do Direct Hypnosis.

If you’ve ever seen or heard a really smooth-talking, polished hypnotist, you may have said to yourself, “I can never be like that.”

When Rob De Groof reveals Jeffrey’s methods to you, you’ll say, “Wow, I can do this!” 

Attend the upcoming training, and you'll discover

How to have fun, help others and get paid (if you want to) by hypnotizing people.

Jeffrey’s exclusive ten-step process for creating rapid, positive change in as little as 20 minutes or less.   

Two simple questions that quickly establish hypnotic context   

 And much more If you want to be masterful in your use of this amazing and wonderful art we call HYPNOSIS, you simply should go beyond planning to attend