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Fast & Powerful Inductions

Rob De Groof has put together a deluxe package of twenty-two carefully selected inductions. This training discusses and demonstrates every induction in detail. You also get eight tips on safety, creating the right mindset, and more

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Did you know that there are more than a hundred techniques to get someone in hypnosis? Unfortunately, many hypnotists still use long and difficult relaxation techniques. We believe, however, that it is time to leave that behind, it makes no sense to talk the client into hypnosis for hours .

You can get someone perfectly in a deep and blissful state of hypnosis within ten seconds. Such rapid inductions are not only reserved for show hypnosis. If applied correctly, rapid inductions fit seamlessly with the therapy setting.

Fun and Easy

  • You will be amazed how quickly and easily you can get someone into hypnosis thanks to these inductions. You will never again have to provoke someone carefully into hypnosis.
  • The twenty-two inductions, along with the eight short lessons on safety, mindset, and how to choose the right induction for the right person, are fun and easy to use. You can apply the techniques immediately after watching the videos.

Who for?

  • For everyone!

    These inductions are easy to apply so you can use them in both therapy and entertainment.

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