The Irish Hypnotherapy Conference
& the European Hypnosis Academy present:

2-day certification training
with Rob De Groof

"Transform Your Practice in Just Two Days"

Discover the 10-Step Protocol That Made
Rob De Groof a Leader in Hypnotherapy... and much more

June 15-16 | Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport, Ireland

Only €397

Join us in Dublin on June 15-16 for an exclusive training event that promises not just to educate but to revolutionize how you approach hypnosis.

“The Art of Simple Hypnosis,” hosted by the Irish Hypnotherapy Conference and the European Hypnosis Academy, offers you a unique opportunity to master a direct, streamlined method of using hypnosis—crafted by te late Jeffrey Stephens and perfected by Rob De Groof.

This method has fueled Rob’s success in Belgium, spanning four cities with a team of eight therapists.

Easy To Learn Protocol

Hands On Training

Online School Access

Experience a Breakthrough in Your Hypnotherapy Practice

In just two transformative days, “The Art of Simple Hypnosis” offers more than just training; it delivers a paradigm shift in how hypnosis can be applied effectively and effortlessly in your practice. Developed from the pioneering work of the late Jeffrey Stephens and brought to its full potential by Rob De Groof, this training is designed for hypnotherapists who aim to elevate their techniques, expand their client base, and enhance their therapy outcomes.

Why This Training Is Unmissable:

  • Streamlined Efficiency: Learn the Jeffrey Stephens’ 10-step direct hypnosis protocol—a powerful tool that simplifies the hypnotic process, enabling you to achieve rapid results without the crutches of scripts and conventional methods.

  • Deep Dive into Direct Hypnosis: Step-by-step, Rob will walk you through the nuances and applications of direct hypnosis. From the initial conversation to the final exduction, every phase is covered with practical insights and live demonstrations.

  • Exclusive Access to Unpublished Material: Gain rare access to never-before-seen sessions by Jeffrey Stephens, allowing you to see the origins of these techniques and how they solve real-life issues in minutes.

  • Hands-On Practice: Not only will you learn these revolutionary techniques, but you’ll also practice them in real-time. This hands-on approach ensures you leave the workshop ready to apply what you’ve learned confidently.

  • Simplifying Every Step: Rob will share invaluable tips and tricks to make every part of the hypnotherapy process simpler and more effective—from the initial pre-talk, through the full session, to client follow-up. These strategies are designed to streamline your practice, allowing you to focus more on client outcomes and less on procedural complexity.

  • Personal and Professional Growth: Beyond techniques, delve into strategies for business development and personal mastery. Rob shares his personal journey and business acumen, offering tips on growing a successful practice that thrives on client success and satisfaction.

Meet Rob

Rob De Groof, a highly respected figure in the world of hypnosis, is recognized as one of Europe’s leading hypnotists. As an award-winning trainer and owner of the thriving in Belgium, he leads a team of highly skilled hypnotherapists across different cities.
His reputation as a hypnosis expert has led him to train almost thousands of students worldwide through his renowned European Hypnosis Academy and during his international travels. Rob’s dedicated mission includes preserving and promoting the techniques and approach of his mentor, the late Jeffrey Stephens.
A proficient hypnosis practitioner, Rob is not only an approved trainer for Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band, Bob Burns’ The Swan, and the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute but also a prolific author. His book, “Mentalism for Hypnotherapists”, offers valuable insights to fellow professionals, and he also shares his expertise through his online show, “The Art of Simple Hypnosis”.
In his quest to further the field of hypnosis, Rob has developed several groundbreaking hypnosis protocols, such as HypnoFasting (The Power Combo), Hypnosis4Golfers, Stop4Ever, and Hypnotic Breast Enlargement. In April 2022, he released another significant contribution to the field, his new book: “Stop It!”
Rob’s innovative approach and commitment to his profession earned him the title of ‘Trainer of the Year’ in 2022. The knowledge he offers comes from a place of extensive experience and skill.
Learn from the best – immerse yourself in Rob De Groof’s hypnotic world and watch your own hypnosis practice transform.

Real Results: Our Participants Speak

Exclusive Bonuses for Our Participants

Take Home More Than Just Knowledge

When you attend “The Art of Simple Hypnosis,” you’re not just gaining unparalleled insights into effective hypnotherapy techniques; you’re also receiving a comprehensive package designed to support your ongoing professional growth. Here’s what each participant will receive:

Official Certification

Elevate your professional credentials with a Certificate from the European Hypnosis Academy. This certification is recognized across the industry and reflects your commitment to excellence in hypnotherapy.

Certified Hypnotist Pin

Wear your expertise proudly with an exclusive Certified Hypnotist Pin. This pin not only signifies your achievement but also enhances your professional credibility.

Become Your Own Therapist:

Learn how to apply the techniques taught in the training to conduct self-therapy. This invaluable skill empowers you to maintain your personal well-being while honing your professional techniques.also enhances your professional credibility.

Unlimited Access to Our Online School

Continue your learning journey beyond the classroom through our online portal. Here, you’ll find the complete training materials in video format, additional recorded demonstrations by Jeffrey Stephens and Rob De Groof, and a digital training manual available in multiple languages (English, French, German, Spanish, and more). This resource allows you to revisit the training anytime to refresh your skills or deepen your understanding.

Create and Sell Your Hypnotherapy Recordings

Expand your business offerings with minimal extra effort by learning how to create professional-quality recordings of your sessions. These recordings can be sold to clients seeking self-led hypnotherapy options, providing an additional revenue stream without the need for repeated session recordings. This process is simplified yet highly effective, ensuring it’s worthwhile both financially and in terms of time investment.

Solutions for Hands-Off Professionals

For those who prefer not to create their own recordings, we provide a solution that allows you to still offer this service to your clients. This means more ways to grow your business with less direct involvement in product creation.