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Join Rob De Groof as he guides you through an immersive online video training experience.

This course is your key to mastering 22 Fast and Powerful inductions, empowering you with the ability to hypnotize every client quickly, deeply, and more successfully.

Your enrollment includes an ALL-ACCESS PASS to an extensive library of induction techniques, plus instant digital access to a wealth of tips and trics on using instant inductions. 

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Unlocking instant inductions isn't just a skill, it's a game-changer.
This course uncovers the secret to practicing these techniques without needing willing volunteers.
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Here's What You'll Get:

Lifetime Access:

You’ll have unlimited lifetime access to our online training materials. Learn at your own pace, revisit the content as many times as you want, and never worry about losing access.

Full Demonstrations:
This isn’t just a lecture series! Rob demonstrates each induction in detail, giving you a comprehensive understanding and the confidence to apply these techniques immediately.

22 Powerful Inductions:
Our package includes 22 carefully selected inductions, each meticulously broken down for easy understanding. Say goodbye to time-consuming methods and say hello to swift, effective inductions.

Comprehensive Guidance:
In addition to the inductions, we provide eight short, important lessons on safety and mindset, and practical tips on choosing the right induction for the right person.

Suitable for Everyone:
Whether you’re a therapist looking to upgrade your toolbox, an entertainer wanting to captivate your audience, or a novice eager to learn, our course has been designed with you in mind.

Why Choose Our Training?

Hypnosis doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out process.
With our methods, you can induce a deep, blissful state of hypnosis within seconds. Our techniques are not only reserved for show hypnosis. They are adaptable and suitable for every scenario. With our training, you'll discover how fun and easy it can be to bring someone into hypnosis. You will also never again need to carefully coax someone into hypnosis, instead,
you will confidently and swiftly guide them into the state.

Meet Rob

Rob De Groof, a highly respected figure in the world of hypnosis, is recognized as one of Europe’s leading hypnotists. As an award-winning trainer and owner of the thriving HypnosisCentre.be in Belgium, he leads a team of highly skilled hypnotherapists across different cities.
His reputation as a hypnosis expert has led him to train almost thousands of students worldwide through his renowned European Hypnosis Academy and during his international travels. Rob’s dedicated mission includes preserving and promoting the techniques and approach of his mentor, the late Jeffrey Stephens.
A proficient hypnosis practitioner, Rob is not only an approved trainer for Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band, Bob Burns’ The Swan, and the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute but also a prolific author. His book, “Mentalism for Hypnotherapists”, offers valuable insights to fellow professionals, and he also shares his expertise through his online show, “The Art of Simple Hypnosis”.
In his quest to further the field of hypnosis, Rob has developed several groundbreaking hypnosis protocols, such as HypnoFasting (The Power Combo), Hypnosis4Golfers, Stop4Ever, and Hypnotic Breast Enlargement. In April 2022, he released another significant contribution to the field, his new book: “Stop It!”
Rob’s innovative approach and commitment to his profession earned him the title of ‘Trainer of the Year’ in 2022. The knowledge he offers comes from a place of extensive experience and skill.
Learn from the best – immerse yourself in Rob De Groof’s hypnotic world and watch your own hypnosis practice transform.

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