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Long distance learning


Long distance learning In 2019, several great trainings are taking place abroad and in our headquarters. Kaz Riley, Steven Blake, Tim Box, Melissa Tiers and Martin Castor Peterson will be joining us in our Belgian-based training centre. Because we believe everyone should be able to follow these courses, and because technology is ever-evolving, we have been mulling over a great project. After several months of deliberation and testing, we are proud to present our new e-learning possibility.  New! Trainings via live stream Since January 2019, many English-spoken trainings taking place in the European Hypnosis Academy's headquarters in Belgium [...]

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HypnoBizNY: claim your FREE convention ticket!


HypnoBizNY: claim your FREE convention ticket! As you know, European Hypnosis Academy’s head trainer Rob De Groof is hosting both a talk and a workshop during HypnoBizNY’s 2019 edition. That pre-conference workshop can score you a FREE general admission ticket to HypnoBiz New York! Rob’s Certification Training on the 2nd and 3rd of May will pay special attention to the Jeffrey Stephens Protocol. Rob was a pupil of Jeffrey Stephens and ranks among one of the world’s leading hypnotists. The Jeffrey Stephens Protocol is a ten-step process for creating rapid and positive change in as little as [...]

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Free Online Training!


Fast and Powerful Inductions: Free Online Training During the UK Hypnosis Convention, the European Hypnosis Academy released a new online training. This training consists of twenty-two rapid inductions, together with tips and tricks from our head trainer Rob De Groof.  As every hypnotist knows, there are countless ways to bring someone into hypnosis. Unfortunately, many practitioners of hypnosis still use long and laborious relaxation techniques. We believe that softly and extensively talking the client into deep relaxation to reach a state of hypnosis is a thing of the past. Bringing someone into a deep and profound state of hypnosis [...]

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Jeffrey Stephens Protocol Certification Training at HypnoBizNY 2019


Rob De Groof to host JSP workshop at HypnoBizNY. Hypnotherapist and hypnosis expert Rob De Groof will be hosting a workshop on the Jeffrey Stephens Protocol during the popular HypnoBizNY, a progressive hypnosis conference that brings together the world's top practitioners. Hypnosis expert Rob De Groof has been invited to host a talk and a workshop at HypnoBizNY’s 2019 edition. During his presentation on the 4th of May, Rob will focus on how to work successfully with staff. His pre-conference workshop on the 2nd and 3rd of May will pay special attention to the Jeffrey Stephens protocol. Rob [...]

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