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Learn Jeffrey’s Black Room, Symbology and more great technique’s!

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The basic requirement for this course is knowledge of the Jeffrey Stephens protocol (thought by Jeffrey or in the Hypnosis Center in Belgium or the Netherlands.) You’ll learn symbology, a powerful and fast technique to treat fears, phobias, PTSD and other common issues, without bringing back those painful memories. Moreover, it doesn’t require any touch. Symbology has been used to help victims of violence, rape, war and bullying. Moreover, it can be used enhance positive emotions and powerful ideas, such as self-confidence. It seems to be too easy to be true, but it truly works. The Black Room Technique is a method to shape someone’s skills and behavior in such a way that (s)he can learn them (and even take over) from others after observation. For instance,  if you crave to be better at playing golf, it is possible to take over the mindset of Tiger Woods. Or being able to speak and present as inspirational as someone you deeply respect. Don’t spent years to learn something if it can be done in minutes… Knowledge about the Golden Box will be deepened, by discussing some pitfalls attendants encounter during their practices. Other topics will be addressed, such as uncovering the top priority when someone has a list of issues (“Value Elicitation”), how to turn anyone in a somnabulist, or how to become your own private hypnotherapist… As well as multiple tips and tricks, learned form Jeff himself.

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