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Learn Rob’s Fast and powerful inductions!

Did you know there are hundreds of methods to hypnotize someone? Unfortunately, a lot of hypnotists still use long and tiring relaxation techniques. As we believe it is time to let go of these… Rob can – and will – teach you how to bring anyone in the most powerful, deep, fantastic state of hypnosis within 10 seconds. These techniques aren’t merely preserved for show hypnosis. When applied correctly, they are perfect for deep transformational therapy sessions. Rob carefully selected 22 inductions and will tell you the details of every single one of them during the training. Moreover, he shares 8 tips to create the right setting (safety, mindset, and more). You will be surprised how easy it is to hypnotize someone with these inductions. Moreover, you’ll also know how to chose the right induction for the right person.


The course is applicable for anyone. You’ll be able to use them after watching the video. Moreover, it will be fun and easy to do!

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