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Tim Box is teaching his CONTROL Method at the Belgian HypnosisCentre.

  • One day workshop on the 11th or 12th of May;
  • Regular price: €185;
  • Catering included: coffee, tea, water, snacks and free lunch.
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What is the CONTROL system?

The brainchild of Remedial Hypnotist, Tim Box, the CONTROL System is a direct, hands-on method of creating rapid and positive change in the way you think, feel and behave. The system utilises the way your mind works best, enabling you to get control of your subconscious patterns of thought, giving you the power to remove any blockages and limiting beliefs that hold you back. By using direct communicating with the most powerful and creative part of your mind the CONTROL system puts you back in charge of your own thoughts and responses.

Whether you use it every day or just once in a lifetime as soon as you know the system you will have a permanent means of updating your automatic patterns of thought and programming yourself for success.

What can I expect when I enroll for this workshop?

Running from 10am to 5pm, a CONTROL workshop takes you through the system step by step over four sessions. You are taken through the process in stages, starting with selecting something you would like to change and ending with understanding for certain that it has changed. On the day of the workshop, you will change something, so think about what you would like to change most about the way you think. A fear? A limiting belief? A bad habit? The choice is yours.
Tim Box’s CONTROL workshop is a full day’s training in the direct, hands-on method of change that he has used to help hundreds of clients over the last five years of running a successful
Remedial Hypnosis practice. This workshop aims to teach you how to get in touch with and get control of your subconscious patterns of thought, thus removing the blockages and limiting beliefs that hold you back. You will come away with a deeper understanding of how the subconscious mind works and have a direct method of communicating with the most powerful and creative part of your own mind.
Tim’s events are always guaranteed to be both fun and informative and consistently over-deliver on value.

Click here for more information on the CONTROL system.