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EHA represented at Hypno Expo Florida


The Jeffrey Stephens Protocol goes Hypno Expo Florida On the 19th of May, European Hypnosis Academy’s head trainer Rob De Groof is hosting a talk on the Jeffrey Stephens Protocol at Daytona Beach, Florida. This talk will be on the fundamentals of this direct hypnosis protocol and will learn one of the steps completely: The Boilerplate. This step will teach attendants how to bind the client better into the hypnotic process using The Boilerplate. Rob was a pupil of Jeffrey Stephens and ranks among one of the world’s leading hypnotists. The Jeffrey Stephens Protocol is a [...]

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The Jeffrey Stephens Protocol


Everything you ever wanted to know about.. The Jeffrey Stephens Protocol The Jeffrey Stephens Protocol, you have probably heard it mentioned once or twice. But what is it exactly and why is it so interesting? What's in it for you? And most importantly: where can you learn it? Here's our step-by-step guide! Who was Jeffrey Stephens? Jeffrey Stephens was a master hypnotist and teacher. He developed techniques to bring his clients under hypnosis in 15 minutes or less. Jeffrey passed away in 2014. His protocol lives on, however, he appointed two trainers to continue his teaching. One of [...]

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